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The Reluctant Brotherhood is a small volunteer venture and we are pleased to be affiliated with Us TOO as an official support group.

We are dedicated to helping men heal themselves and each other. We do this by telling our stories, listening to each other, giving advice and support, and sometimes laughing.

The tool we use is the free telephone support group for prostate cancer guys. It’s a simple idea that is working very well.

pointingfinger The Reluctant Brotherhood is proud to be a recognized support group by
Us Too logo_us_too2 their first ‘virtual support group’.

pointingfinger We are a founding member of The Answer Cancer Foundation whose mission is to actively support and educate people living with cancer. The Answer Cancer Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 Corporation and our on-line presence is funded through them. They are also funding other initiatives pertaining to cancer education.
We are pleased with any tax deductible donationbtn_donatecc_lg you can give. Our tax id is 81-1588152.

Please note:
These conversations are not professional advice. They are stories, opinions, recommendations and ideas from regular men who are surviving prostate cancer. We are not your doctor and we look forward to having you on board.

Thanks for your consideration,
John Teisberg

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The Reluctant Brotherhood
1460 Simpson Street
Saint Paul, MN 55108 USA

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John Teisberg
Founder of The Reluctant Brotherhood
Leader / Moderator of the ‘Inner Conversations Group’
Email: john@thereluctantbrotherhood.org
Telephone: 651-222-9832

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Friends and Supporters of The Reluctant Brotherhood:
Rick Davis is Leader / Moderator of the other cancer calls
Email: info@ancan.org
Telephone: 415-388-8480

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Rick Davis, who is the Leader / Moderator of many of the cancer calls, shows the importance of exercise for cancer survival, medafit.org
A resource for prostate cancer support in Minnesota, mnpcc.org
An unusual collection of audio recordings and 3D photos, burningtruck.com
Technical animations, home of the best prostate animation around, “The Man Junk Project”, industrialanimations.com


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