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When men hear they have prostate cancer many of us to do a lot of research, sometimes too much research, and mostly on the web. The amount of information and advice is overwhelming. Most if it is good and, of course, there are some crack-pots out there who are more than happy to send us down some weird rabbit holes of their own making.

The links and suggestions we make here are provided by men who do have prostate cancer and have done their homework. We want you to have clean information so you can make the best choices for yourself.

None of our recommendations are driven by money, we are a very small outfit and this is defiantly not a for profit venture. If you have links or sites you found useful please let us know and we’ll go check them out.

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logo_us_too_small Us Too is the big player in the US for getting information out about prostate cancer. A visit to this site is time well spent.

Open your eyes to the importance of exercise, a good well being link,

logo_inspire_site Inspire is an excellent site to visit for ongoing conversations about all kinds of cancer. Of course, the segment that interests us concerns prostate cancer. You can find conversations that have been going on for years. It’s a prime place to dig into for good ideas and advice.

“Gleason Score 101” is an excellent animation explaining how the Gleason Score works.

Minnesota specific events for prostate cancer awareness and prevention, The Minnesota Prostate Cancer Coalition

An Australian ( Down Under ) site. Terry Herbert was a beacon of kindness and shares his story in detail. Terry’s labor of love is quite extensive, and has been a lifesaver for many. Foreign enough to be both interesting and different,  (You Are Not Alone NOW)

An education and advocacy site,

Prostate Pointers and more information from US Too, prostate

Support, news and information. Not as current as some others, PSA

The American Cancer Society, The Prostate Cancer Foundation

Comes up as “ “ and is from the American Cancer Society, The Prostate Cancer Foundation

Somewhat irreverent site best known for growing a mustache and raising awareness about prostate cancer, Movember in America

An ongoing story that’s always good to have access to. We too often only get part of a man’s story, Dealing With Prostate Cancer.

Start your own website when you get into trouble to let people know an communicate with you, Caring

A good starting point for questioning things,

Sexual questions abound here and because it is on line many feel safe asking blunt questions, Frank Talk

A pamphlet full of info about Hormone Therapy from the USCF Medical Center.

Memorial Sloan Kittering Cancer Center. Learn what a ’Nomogram’ is. Predictions tools help make your toolbox more complete. An excellent starting point. Prostate Cancer Prediction Tools.



“Intimacy with Impotence – The Couple’s Guide to Better Sex After Prostate Disease”
by Ralph and Barbara Alterowitz.

“Saving Your Sex Life, A Guide for Men with Prostate Cancer”
by Dr. John Mulhall.

“The Truth in Small Doses”
by Clifton Leaf for the real insights in Cancer culture our challenges and opportunities.

“Our Journey Through Prostate Cancer”
by Jim and Julia Miller

“A Patient’s Guide to Male Sexual Dysfunction”
by Tom F. Lue, M.D., Handbooks in Health Care Co., Newtown, Pennsylvania, 2000. ISBN: 1884065821

“Overcoming Impotence – A leading urologist tells you everything you need to know.”
by J.Stephen Jones, Prometheus Books, Amherst, NY, 2003. ISBN: 1591021286

“Couples Confronting Cancer: Keeping your Relationship Strong”
by Joy L. Fincannon and Katherine V. Bruss., American Cancer Society, Atlanta, GA, 2003. ISBN: 0944235255

“Facing the Tiger: A Guide for Men with Prostate Cancer and the People Who Love Them”
by Professor Suzanne Chambers

“10 Steps to Take Charge of Your Emotional Life”
by Dr. Eve Wood


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